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To share our love of coffee, with passionate attention to detail in the preparation of each and every cup, earning the loyalty of both our customers and our staff.



To enlist partners with like minds and entrepreneurial spirits to join us on our journey to share our unmatched selection of craft beverages to communities across the country.



  1. Servant Leadership.  Focus on the growth and well-being of the people that we lead.

  2. Integrity.  Do what is right when no one is watching.

  3. Excellence. Promote excellence in everything we create.

  4. Hard work.  Give a focused, dedicated effort every day on the job.

  5. Fun.  Don't take work so seriously that we can't laugh and have fun.

  6. Courage.  Stand up for what is right no matter the obstacles.

  7. Dependability.  Always live up to your commitments.

  8. Improvement.  Continually learn and improve, both personally and professionally.

  9. Respect.  Always show respect to our team and our customers.

  10. Positivity. Positive attitudes are contagious.  Strive to spread positivity amongst our team and customers.

  11. Gratitude. Be thankful for every day and every opportunity.

  12. Humility. Be aware that our talents and resources are gifts are from God, entrusted to our stewardship.


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